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The shipments carried out by  

Amazon Academy teaches  

are immersions aimed at

academic development,

professional and personal.

Our purpose is to generate and disseminate knowledge around  of the Amazon in the context of economic and ecological debate in the 21st century, contributing to the training of young people and adults (as) for the challenge of reconciling economic development and nature conservation.

Registration for the Amazon Expeditions 21 Students and Startup, which will take place in the first semester of 2022, is now open! Sign up and participate in the selection process! 



Amazon Expedition 21 


An immersion in innovative entrepreneurship focused on positive social and environmental impact, in the heart of the Amazon.

Date available in 2022:

March 6th to 13th


Amazon Expedition 21 


Aimed at young people in the undergraduate and graduate phases, it offers an Amazonian immersion around sustainability in the 21st century. 

Date available in 2022: 

From January 23rd to 30th  


Amazon 21 

Expeditions carried out with the purpose of promoting interaction between students from different nations around the theme of sustainable development at local and global level.

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who do we meet

Meet some of the specialists present in the expeditions carried out by the AAE.


Prof. Dr. Andrea Waitman

  • CNPq

Professor at the Graduate Program at the Center for Environmental Sciences at the Federal University of Amazonas - Ufam. At AAE, he teaches the special class R&DI for Regional Development and Amazon Conservation in Sec XXI

João Batista Tezza Neto.jpg

Dr. João Tezza Neto

  • CNPq

Director of Academia Amazônia Teach. He teaches the special classes: History of Economics in the Amazon and Perspectives for Bioeconomy in Sec XXI. 


Prof.  Dr. Mario Cohn-Haft

  • CNPq

Researcher at the National Institute for Research in the Amazon - Inpa. At AAE, he teaches a special class on Amazon Fauna and Flora.


Dr. Philip Fearnside

  • CNPq

Researcher at the Amazon Research Institute - Inpa. At AAE, he teaches a special class on Public Policy, Economic Development, Conservation in the Amazon and hydroelectric plants in the Amazon.

Rita mesquita (2).jpeg

Prof. Dr. Rita Mesquita

  • CNPq

Extension Coordinator of the National Institute for Research in the Amazon - INPA. At AAE, he teaches special classes Ecology of the XXI Sec and the Role of the Amazon and Conservation Units.