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Expedicao AMZ21 estudantes - Tipografia.

Preparing for economic challenges

and ecological of Sec XXI

THE AMAZON EXPEDITION 21 - STUDENTS   allows an immersion in some of the main research sites in the Amazon, contributing with  updating the debate on the natural environment in the 21st century and reconciling economic development and environmental conservation.  

The program includes special classes, lectures, debates, visits to strategic institutions, museums that address Amazon and environmental themes, regional products market, conservation units and riverside communities.


Located in the epicenter of the largest tropical forest in the world, at the confluence of the Negro and Solimões rivers, Manaus is the largest city in the Brazilian Amazon. Classified as a regional metropolis by the IBGE, it hosts the most important center for scientific studies of the Amazon biome and for international sustainability issues, the National Institute for Research in the Amazon - INPA, where the AMAZÔNIA ACADEMY TEACHES  it has its thirst.

In the city and its surroundings, there are numerous conservation units, among which the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve, the Tupé Sustainable Development Reserve and the Anavilhanas National Park, comprising the second largest fluvial archipelago in the world, with approximately 400 islands.



To find out about values and other information, see the regulation.



Opening of Registration:

September 27, 2021

Closing of registration:

January 10, 2022



January 23-30, 2022


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For more information about the selection process, read the regulation.


AAE is concerned with forming groups with diverse and talented people, that's why it is always looking for partnerships that make it possible to offer places for scholarship holders. If you really need a partial or full scholarship, inform about it by filling out the form and keep an eye out for our publications, as we will announce when we have vacancies for scholarship holders and we will make a selection aimed at this audience. It is also important that you are aware that the process for grants is more competitive, so we recommend mentioning its merits and especially how you want to support SEA after dispatch.


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