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The Digital Age has increased the efficiency of the economy  at levels unprecedented in the history of human civilization. Virtually all segments of economic and social life are impacted by revolutionary digital solutions, including the primary sector such as agriculture. However, despite all the possibilities of advances, the economy of products and services from the forest has not yet experienced  a technological transformation in its processes, capable of reversing the increase in deforestation. 


Amazon Expedition of Things®  is another of the learning and immersion cycles of Academia Amazônia Ensina ®.

Taking into account the context of the economy in the Digital Age, the Expedition aims to develop innovative businesses, associating the disruptive power of digital technology with the conservation of the Amazon.

The expedition members of this  healthy journey  entrepreneurial talents, of  digital startups , which believe in the possibility of generating economic value, relevant to society, associated with nature conservation. 



application and selection of fellows


Mentoring, studies, immersion in the Amazon, creative interaction and project development


Analysis and award of winning projects

Duration: 60 days

Duration: 60 days

Duration: 30 days


Much should and can be done to combine business generation  and forest conservation, from the power of the digital revolution. Technology, efficiency, inclusion, change of  values and engagement must go together to protect our ecosystems essential to Earth's well-being.


Opening of the selection process


Selection of participants. 


Start of shipment.


Presentation of projects.


Selection and award of winning projects

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