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Eight Days That Will Transform Your Way of Seeing the World

Amazon Expedition 21

An Academic Immersion and a Holistic Experience

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Why embark on the Amazon 21 Expedition?

The construction of a new way of seeing the world comes through education.
The Amazon is a big classroom.
You are the key to this transformation.


Great careers are built by great professionals,

But what really matters when we think about the future of professions?

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wide sight



Elements of sustainability applied in your area of knowledge.

Experiences applied in your professional life.

The Amazon is made of unique experiences.

"Something you only see here".


About the Amazon Expedition 21

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Imagine a class in a tower above the treetops accompanied by the sunset...

4 days in Manaus

  • Institutional Visits

  • Visit to the MUSE

  • Technical visits

  • Visits to museums and Sustainable Development Reserves

  • Special classes

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4 days on board

  • Anavilhanas National Park

  • Visits to riverside communities

  • Visit to an indigenous community

  • Visits to Sustainable Development Reserves

  • Visit to the Seringal Museum

  • Outdoor activities

  • Trails in the forest

  • Conversations with local entrepreneurs


  • From the 10th to the 17th of July 2022.

  • De 16 a 23 de julho de 2023 - Estudante & Startup simultâneas

The Amazon 21 Expedition by our founder

Dr. João Tezza Neto

Director of Academia Amazônia Ensina. He teaches special classes "History of the Economy in the Amazon" and "Perspectives for the Bioeconomy in the 21st Century". 

There are few spots!

  • De 5 a 12 de fevereiro de 2023 - Estudante

  • De 16 a 23 de julho de 2023 - Estudante & Startup simultâneas

About Academia Amazônia Teach

Academia Amazônia Ensina (AAE) is an educational, learning and research institution for teaching economic and ecological sustainability.  Our mission is to prepare people for the economic, social and ecological challenges of the century XXI, having the Amazon as a space for research, experience and learning.

We carry out teaching, education and research expeditions, combining visitation experiences with academic and professional training events. Contemporary science, experiences in the Amazon, traditional knowledge, interactivity and content generation constitute a pedagogical approach aimed at innovation, awareness, personal, academic and professional growth.

We intend to generate socio-environmental impact by contributing to the training of young people and adults for an expanded and contemporary view of the environmental problem and the opportunities for reconciling economic development and environmental conversation in the 21st century.

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Av. Ephigênio Salles, 1299, Room E - Box 238
Aleixo's Neighborhood
CEP 69.060-000
Manaus, Amazonas - Brazil
Tel: +55 92 98211-4787


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